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Now this is rock and roll! Bang the Union

american_dream.jpg First and foremost, rock and roll has to be fun. It’s like the first commandment of rock and roll. Yes rock and roll can help to change the world (a debatable point I am sure) but if it’s not fun it’s almost pointless. How many people go to a rock concert to engage in a debate about the human condition? Anybody? I didn’t think so. We listen to rock and roll because it puts us in a time and place that is pure and plain fun. Bang the Union will put you in that place. Although they have been compared to Bon Scott era AC/DC, in my mind Bang the Union are pure “balls to the walls” hard rockin’ rock ‘n roll with big loud guitars screaming out of Marshall stacks, cigarettes perched precariously on the headstock of a Gibson Les Paul or Fender Strat while the bass and drums hold down the back end with a gritty, shuffling boogie woogie rock and roll rhythm beat that never lets up. Hailing from the state of Georgia (the one in the USA), Bang the Union are a welcome reprieve from one too many listens to the same Bad Company song played on the local classic rock and roll radio station. No nonsense rock and roll played to maximum volume, that is what Bang the Union are all about and that is what they deliver. Currently in the midst of planning a major tour, you will have no choice but to have a good time when Bang the Union come to town. It’s a given. Look out for their new album American Dreamcoming out this month.