Now this is Rock and Roll! Red Planet

I was initially intrigued by Red Planet when I read Jefferey Kopp of Wayback Machine fame talk about them playing live on his show during a monster St. Louis thunderstorm and so I began my search. As great as Red Planet are, they are currently quite difficult to pin down on the ‘Net. It seems that this Bay-area band, who’s sound has been described as “Beatles meets Cars meets Van Halen” has been on hiatus for three years but they are back with a new record on Gearhead Records called “We Know How It Goes” and they do sound great. I have included their listing from Epitonic as a way to get a taste of what they sound like but be careful when clicking on the link to their homepage since it no longer links to the band but to a listing of porn sites (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). This is a band I need to check out further. You might want to as well.