Now this is Rock and Roll! Starvin Hungry

Forgive me while I toot the horn for a local band but Montreal’s own Starvin Hungry deserve a toot or two. A great band that have just come off a great showcase set at NXNE, Starvin Hungry are simply great rock and roll. With a sound described as “like a bar fight” Starvin Hungry are definitely loud, proud and in your face but shouldn’t all great rock and roll be? You can download an MP3 of their tracks “You Shouldn’t” and “You’re All Aglow” from their record label Grenadine Records and if you like what you hear buy their new CD “Damnesty” here. Check ‘em out.

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  1. Feel free to bring out the entire marching band in praise of Montreal’s most beloved punk n roller’s, Starvin Hungry! Having just released their latest album “Cold Burns” on the misfit indie label, ‘Signed By Force Records’, Starvin Hungry unleashes a new battery of mouthwatering tracks that leave you begging for more. Produced by the versatile Jace Lasek of the Besnard Lakes, this album lures you in to a maniacally seductive brew of garage, blues and good ol’ punk rock! “Cold Burns” is Starvin Hungry at their best – as if we thought they could get any better! Check these guys out and you’ll see what Montreal’s music scene really has to offer…

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