Now This is Rock and Roll! Temple of Echoes

Temple of Echoes are a great “hard rock” band from New York City that kind of remind me of a cross between The Tea Party and Pearl Jam with a bit of Zeppelin swagger thrown in. Now I put hard rock in parenthesis because according to singer and rhythm guitarist Wes Stanton:

“Our music is a calling to a time when rock was rock, rather then encumbered with over marketed labels like “punk”, “emo”, “prog”, or whatever else the industry is labeling things these days.”

That is the kind of “niche-free” sentiment I admire and enjoy. Check out No Sense, DownTown Acoustic and Lay Low for a sampling of what they have to offer, and to get you ready for their debut CD coming out in early 2005 check out Snakes, Faulter and Patchwork Kingdom. Great stuff.