Now This is Rock and Roll! The Charms

The Little Steven Underground Garage Rock Festival will be featuring a lot of great rock and roll on August 14th and one of the bands that will be playing is the great Boston-based band The Charms. With 2 CDs under their belt trust me when I tell you that if you ever hear the expression “chicks can’t rock” slap on a copy of “So Pretty” by The Charms. That will shut ‘em up. A great rock and roll ride from a band that knows how to mix sex appeal, farfissa organs and catchy rock and roll hooks, I was in love as soon as I heard them. Check out some MP3s here and have a blast.

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  1. and yes… very true, This is rock and roll. Having been three plus years and a change from the previously known Flexie, Boston now has the Charms. A true kick in the teeth and a belt in the mouth…This band is rock and roll…period. See ’em and search them out. If yer so lucky to see them…..see em again

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