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Now This is Rock and Roll! The Dials

The_dialsSitting pretty in your new shitty city

With your new girlfriend

I can’t wait until it ends

So sing Chicago-based band The Dials on their song “Sick Times” another example of great rock and roll that seems somehow familiar yet very much original as crunching guitars and groovy farfisa meet catchy lyrics and great vocal interplay. I refuse to label the band (as I usually try to do) but they have been described as “60’s girl-garage-power-pop a la 80’s punk & roll” which is about as good as a description as any. Currently recording their first full-length CD after their great debut 6 song EP “Sick Times”, The Dials have achieved a prominent place in my CD and MP3 players with me constantly hitting repeat after one of their tunes ends. You can download and listen to Take it to the Man, Dead Beat, Do You Want Me and Glass Hell for a sample of what they bring to the rock and roll banquet. A great band singing catchy, fun rock and roll with just a touch of rock and roll sleaze, The Dials are yet another example of the continued resilience of this great form of music. Catch them live if you can, I know I will.