Now This is Rock and Roll! The Stoneage Hearts

I just recieved a fresh batch of recordings from the wonderful Australian record label Off the Hip Records and in it was a great CD from the band The Stoneage Hearts. Absolutely first rate garage power pop punk rock and roll best enjoyed at maximum volume, these guys really rock which is pretty much a given when you have a drummer named appropriately enough “Mickster.” Phenomenal sound, great backing vocals with a layer of melody that is not too sweet yet not too tough as to be annoying, The Stoneage Hearts are a great band from down under that will give you some primo rock and roll kicks. And good news for those of us in North America as they have just announced that the legendary Bomp Records sister label Alive Records will be releasing their latest rock and roll opus “Guilty as Sin” in the US and Canada in April 2005 in both coloured vinyl and CD! Fantastic stuff from a great label. Check ’em out!