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Now this is Rock and Roll! The Subways

I don’t know what it is about trios but a lot of the bands I seem to feature on “Now this is Rock and Roll!” are comprised of just 3 people. Case in point is this week’s band The Subways. “Bluesy, garage rock,” “an unholy merger of The Ramones and the White Stripes” and “the best unsigned band” are just some of the descriptions that I have read about this young UK band. If you are looking for some fast, tuneful rock and roll played with conviction by a bunch of 19 year olds who are just here to rock and roll then check out The Subways immediately. You can download three great MP3s from the Audio section of their website to get you started then, the next time somebody asks you if the subway has passed, you can put your headphones over their ears and tell them that they are just arriving.