Now this is Rock and Roll! The Surfacers

Tell me if this doesn’t sound cool: Listening to reverb drenched surf music played on a secluded beach somewhere in Argentina with a bunch of your best friends. No it’s not some contest we’re running but a description of how Argentinian surf-rock band and Green Cookie recording artists The Surfacers started 2004. Their “Wild Surf Tour” had them rocking up and down the Argentinian coast playing their particular brand of instrumental surf rock and roll on any beach that would take them. Formed in 1998, The Surfacers are an excellent instrumental surf band that would make Dick Dale proud. You can almost hear the waves crashing down on the beach with this stuff blasting out of the stereo. Check out the “Devil Sounds” section of their site for some cool song samples. An Argentinian surf-rock band on a cool Greek rock and roll record label. Now how cool is that?