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Now This is Rock and Roll! The Telepathic Butterflies

Pop hooks and a psychedelic sensibility are what to me best describe The Telepathic Butterflies, a great trio out of Winnipeg Canada. I know that I have professed my love before for pop hooks and Byrdsy jangling guitars but when you combine that with some edgy psychedelic flourishes then you definitely get my attention. Well, The Telepathic Butterflies certainly have my attention as I have been playing their latest CD Songs From a Second Wave incessantly around both home and office to the secret delight of all I am sure. Great rock and roll with a touch of Canadian bilingualism thrown in for good measure (you’ll have to listen for it but trust me) makes an excellent musical adventure for your body and soul. I like it! Check out their discography for some great MP3s to start you off on your explorations.