Now This is Rock and Roll! Vinyl Candy

With influences from everybody like the Beach Boys, Beatles, Eagles, Supertramp, Queen and more, Vinyl Candy are a big, loud, tuneful pop rock extravaganza. What I like about the band is that they don’t consider concepts like “melody” and “harmony” to be outdated and proudly bring them to the fore in great songs like “Tranz Am” and “Movin’ On.” Their website is jam packed with cool audio and video downloads and touring information so be sure to check out this great indie band and hear for yourself what you’ve been missing.

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  1. Mark, We couldnt thank you enough – I wanted to personally send you an email but this seems to be the only means for communication to you.
    What I love about your review is that you understood exactly what we were trying to achieve, and that you had the musical background to support your thoughts and feelings.
    Much Love –
    Your friends Vinyl Candy!

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