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NxNE 2007 Is Ready to Blast Off

Toronto is gearing up for the 2007 North by Northeast Conference and Festival drawing the music entertainment focus to our beloved cosmopolitan city. A real surge has occurred in the music biz generating a hub of fresh musical buzz over the last few years and by all signs it is going to continue to explode.

dave-foley-small.jpgNxNE is just one of a growing number of events showcasing the incredible amount of musical talent, indie and otherwise that is breaking away from the mainstream media and staking its claim by using the ever increasing opportunities in this Web 2.0 world to increase and magnify their presence with fans and critics alike.

On behalf of The Rock and Roll Report I attended the pre-conference party held at the historic Steamwhistle Brewery not far from the shores of Lake Ontario. Hosted by Kids in the Hall Dave Foley who is also a recurring character on TV show Scrubs playing a therapist to casualties of the the entertainment biz, he lived up to his comedic fame when addressing the attendees and prompted a collective chuckle when he suggested that we refer to NxNE as “Nixnee.”Aside from the usual deluge of cameras and various media schmoozing, drinks flowed and conversation built up from a murmur to an enthusiastic banter. With some familiar faces and plenty of new ones, the event was short, sweet and to the point.

The festival will commence with an opening concert hosted by MuchMusic on Wednesday, June 6, 2007 at Nathan Phillip Square and concluding with a post-festival bash at the infamous Palais Royale on June 11, 2007. A total of 450 bands will be playing at almost every live venue in the city. In keeping with today’s sensibilities, festival organizers promise to be completely eco-friendly next year and have made great strides in 2007 just by eliminating things like a paper-based press kit. The festival promises to ignite another summer of great shows throughout Toronto’s incredibly diverse live venues. A festival event that is by all standards quickly becoming an absolute for musicians, managers, press and fans alike to meet, greet and move their feet. (Note to self, wear sturdy heels!)

For a list of all bands and events, check out their comprehensive website at

Hope to see you there!