Oasis will be back! “Don’t Believe the Truth”

Spring is around the corner and so is a new album from Oasis. The band is set to unleash “Don’t Believe the Truth” on May 31st, 2005 and they are hitting the road running with a load of tour dates including what sounds like a dream gig to me with Jet as their opener at Madison Square Garden on June 22nd. I was listening to “Heathen Chemistry” last night and despite being slightly underwhelmed by that album, it seems to me that Noel and the boys are building up a head of rock and roll steam so I have high hopes for “Truth.” Looking forward to getting the woofers pumping with Oasis once again.


  1. If i remember rightly the first single will be called “lyla” and theyre doing some pretty big open air shows here in the UK this summer

  2. Expecting big things of this album. people who have heard it (including a radio 1 DJ) say it is a real return to form, best thing they have done in ten years with some classic oasis songs and the last track is absolutely stunning apparently. If they are confident to play and sell out at several UK Stadiums, Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl they must be pretty sure they have the songs to do the venues justice. I can not wait..

  3. I always have been an Oasis fan. The last 2 albums however, haven’t really been able to match the classics of WTSMG and Be Here Now. If this is the album that has been the best the band has made in the last ten years, then I can not wait…It is good hearing the airwaves scream the music of Oasis once again.

    mad fer it!!!!

  4. Oasis may break again in America, but that’s not their cash cow. They sold out 10 football stadium dates in England in less than an hour and they are headlining a bunch festivals in Europe this summer. Sure Be Here Now and Standing on the Shoulders of giants flopped here. Heathen Chemistry was the best album they have done since WTSMG, but they had fallen so far off the radar no one noticed it. Give it a listen and pick up DBTT when it comes out. Selling records in America is just a plus for Oasis who have shattered sales records in the UK and Europe. They have sold 34 million records since 1994. Only 6 million of those were sold stateside.

  5. I’ve heard Mucky Fingers (8/10) Let There be Love (9/10) Meaning of Soul (7/10) So far all I can say is that Lyla must be the weakest track on the album, oh by the way, where the fcuk is Stop the clocks ?

  6. Like many of you die hard oasis fans, I wait with eager anticipation for May 30. I’ve heard good things in reviews about DBTT, and Noel claims that its his favourite album since his dearly beloved (and rightly so!!) Definitely Maybe. One must however put that in context as Noel has said the exact same thing about his last 3 albums prior to their release, and each has failed to live up to this billing.

    I hope that their new album has the sort of quality required to place themselves on top of the rock n’ roll world once again. There is no doubt that oasis have the talent and the songs to be there at the moment, but they’ll be the first to admit that they’ve made a number of crucial mistakes since ’96 that have cost them dearly. Their biggest was 1997’s Be Here Now, where Noel refused to put on solid b-sides in favour of longer, drawn-out, radio-unfriendly melodies. That perhaps cost them the title of best band of the decade, and the American public have not given them a second chance to prove themselves. I think that is despite some very good tunes on both SOTSOG and HC – both of which fell by the wayside in the Sates.

    So Im hoping like hell this new album demands the American public to “Listen Up!” and compels them to discover the last 8 years of classic oasis sound.

  7. I’ve heard a few tracks on the album. I’ve heard live a version of ‘Lyla’ and ‘A bell will ring’, both were not good quality, but they sounded like great songs and I look foward to this album.
    Lyla sounds alot like the Stones’ “Street fighting man” in its opening verse so i think Noel has been listening to alot Stone’s during the writing of this song.
    ‘A Bell Will Ring” is typical Oasis. I really like that song.
    I’ve also heard a bit of “Mucky Fingers” which sounds very Bob Dylan, its great.

    As for them not making it in the US since Mourning Glory…..
    What the hell do Americans know anyway. They don’t have B-sided over there so they’d have missed half of Oasis’ career considering they never sold in terms of putting half assed B-sides, covers or liver versions early in their career.

  8. Have the whole album ninus one track…and all i can say that it is the most consistent quality album of theirs since WTSMG….awesome songs and that distintive production is back…no electronic touches to be heard anywhere…Keep the Dream alive maybe the hidden monster on this album..perhaps becoming a huge radio hit..its in the style of dont look back in anger and champagne supernova…great stuff…rocking like they did before

  9. i don’t know about you guys but i reckon that the one thing that stop this album being the best of all…. is liams shitty songs. He’s wrote one good song (songbird) he should have left it on a high and ended it on that. Liams song writing is worse than embarrasing filled with yeahs alrights and pretty much words that could only get a score of three in scrabble

  10. Been listening to it for a couple of days know. Always been a huge fan. The Importance of… is a truly remarkeable song. I was very relieved to hear that the guys had finally begun to push their sound forward. This album doesn’t really need defending, it stands on its own. Oasis sound “grown up” here, without sounding old. Some of Liam’s lyrics are wince-inducing, but the production and arrangement of the entire album redeems even its weakest moments. But, yeah, what happened to Stop the Clocks?

  11. Oasis were never anywhere near the world’s best band, they lack a crucial ingredient – talent. Musically, creatively and lyrically, they’re just not good enough.

    Also, Oasis fans must stop equating sales = talent, sales have nothing to do with how good you are. I used to believe sales meant something when I was like, 10. Among many examples of this is if you look at how many records Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey have sold.

    Haven’t Oasis albums been hyped way beyond their true quality before???? They’re also up against stiff opposition with several renowned bands releasing records about now. Time will tell……

  12. heard the album. awesome. i’d kinda given up on hearing anything as good as DM or WTSMG from them again, but this could become a classic. and by the way, liam’s songs are as good as any of the 12.

  13. The album is pretty good. Theres some real classics on there.

    ‘Turn up the Sun’—Great opener

    ‘Mucky Fingers’—-The ‘Cigarttes and Alcohol’ of the album. As Noel describes it’s Bob Dylan doing Velvet Underground. 6/10

    Lyla—Happy uplifting physcadelic radio freindly number 1. The leading single. 7/10

    Love Like a Bomb–probably the weakest track on the album. A girly track. The ‘She’s electric’ of the album. 4/10

    The Importance of being Idle–Kind of like a proper grey, dull British tune. But It’s a absolute stomper. Brilliant tune! Noels highlight of the album. 9/10

    The Meaning of Soul–Sounds kind of like John Lennon’s Instant Karma! You could imagine it being the theme music for the world cup 2006 or something! 7/10

    Guess God thinks I’m Able–Pretty decent. Slowish on the road tune. 7/10

    Part of the Queue–good noel sung song. A mix of moods, Uplifting/Sad. 8/10

    Keep The Dream Alive–The majored ‘Digsys Dinner’ of the album. 8/10

    A bell will ring–One of gems, decent tune. 7/10

    Let There Be Love–Highlight of the album. Slowish stop crying your heart out of the album. Sound like the beatles. Liam is John lennon. Noel is Paul Mcartney. It shares a kind of pop feature to it. 9/10

  14. Simply incredible. Judge it for yourself , buy the album and you will not be disappointed.
    OASIS are on top form with this album

  15. Wonderful. Oasis are, and always have been, the best band in the world. ‘Don’t believe the truth’ just corroborates what all us die hards have been saying for years. The album’s a classic – quite possibly their best effort since ‘Be Here Now’, or perhaps even ‘What’s the Story Morning Glory’. Oasis are such a tops band that even their weakest link in terms of albums, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’, is still great!! Woohoo, roll on Marlay Park July 16th, no doubt it’ll be the highlight of my summer!

  16. Hi there, was wondering if anyone can be of help to me?

    Had a listen to the album last week or at least I thought I was. Listened to 2/3 songs, one of which I really liked. I then went to my friends house to discover he had bought the album, I asked him to play the song I liked and quickly went through the songs to find out, I had listened to a fake copy!!

    Have tried in vain for the last 2 days to find the song, but now I turn to fellow Oasis fans, hoping someone can please tell me the name of this song??

    The chorus goes somat like this:
    “Let it die, Let it die, Let it fade (out of time),
    Let the (rain) wash down, let it come between you and I,
    Let it go, Let it go, (No we’re not doing it like that),
    Let it down, Let it down, Let it fade.

    The bits in brackets are the lyrics I’m not sure about.

    Following the last chorus is a minute or so instrumental which is very mellow.

    Please, if anyone can be of help, it would be greatly appreciated??

  17. I just read that “Don’t Believe the Truth” will debut at #26 on the Billboard charts! Not a good start to 2005 if you judge quality by record sales (which I don’t). I think their American concerts will pick up interest in the album and it should surge (I hope).

  18. Well done to Matt (19th May) for pointing out the blindingly obvious. Oasis are generally overrated these days but what Matt doesnt realise – perhaps because he was still in nappies in 1996 or he simply had his head up his arse (just speculating!) – is that Definately Maybe and Whats The Story… made a huge impact on music throughout the 90’s. The Stone Roses, Primal Scream and The Happy Mondays might have laid the groundwork but alot of their popularity has been in retrospect of Oasis’ success. People are interested in how the Britpop/Indie phenomenon began and its true that the likes of Ian Brown and John Squires (pre-Seahorses!) were the Godfathers. However, Oasis perhaps due to their arrogance and publicity saved good music from oblivion and brought it not just into the top-40 but the top-10. 1994 saw the banning of illegal raves (Michael Howards legacy beyond poll tax) and also the release of Supersonic. Although Matt the intellect correctly points out that Oasis’ lyrics aren’t the most poetic they spoke for an embittered youth criminalised for having a good time. ‘Is it worth the aggravation to find yourself a job when theres nothing worth working for?’ sums up a whole generation suffering unemployment and disenchantment. My memories of the mid-90’s are entirely captured in the chords and lyrics of Definately Maybe. Warm summer nights, the taste of cider on my lips, holding hands with the boy (I thought) I loved.
    I agree that Oasis are now overrated but I don’t think they have declared themselves the best band in the world since Be Here Now. The new album is good but they will never reach into the past and retrieve what they had. Noel Gallagher is no longer the angry, jobless young man he once was and Don’t Believe the Truth carries the scent of his millions. The intro to Mucky Fingers is unmistakeably that of Chocolate by the Snow Patrol, the verse of Lyla is identical to Street Fighting Man by the Rolling Stones and Part of the Queue is Golden Brown by the Stranglers. The fact is that they have never hidden from the fact that they steal music – they even put Stevie Wonders name as the co-writer of Step Out in the liner notes. The truth is that it doesnt matter because it still sounds good – not world-changing admittedly but good all the same. They may not have been the best band in the world for everyone but for a brief while they were for me. Put it this way; in the same month Supersonic was released PJ and Duncan released Why Me? The nineties might’ve been a very different place.

  19. hey micehlle the songs called …Trail of Dead: “Let it Dive”. not popular 4 sum reason.. but its a wikd wikd song… byee

  20. I’d like to point out that there were bands such as Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Manic Street Preachers and Marillion who were releasing far superior material to Oasis’ Definitely Maybe.

    Because of the complexity, darkness and frankly, sheer fucking talent of the music, they didn’t get as popular as Oasis in the UK. But they WERE better.

  21. I agree that Oasis was at their best with definitely maybe and morning glory and for me, be here now and even the compilation, the masterplan, were top albums that still showed their greatness and deserve appreciation. Standing on the shoulders and Heathen CHemistry are not really great albums but they do have nice songs. One needs to listen to Standing on Shoulders several times to like it. Actually, there were great songs in standing on the shoulders: GAS Panic, Go let it out, where did it all go wrong, roll it over are all nice songs, I even like little james by liam in that album. I really liked the HINDU TIMES, little by little, and Born on a different cloud from heathen chemistry. I think that they lost their rock and roll top superstars status with standing on the shoulders and heathen chemistry but that doesnt mean they lost their talents. Their still good, they just have a different sound nowadays and it isnt that radio-friendly as their songs before. And they really were for me the best rock and roll band from definitely maybe to be here now. And about them being overated. I dont think they are, they are actually looked down upon by music reviews probably now because of their songs but because of their arrogance.. hahah. i mean, standing on the shoulders sold more than 3M records worldwide and its still being considered as a flop by a lot of album reviews.

    and lastly, i have DBTT and yah! its good.. let there be love and keep the dream alive are the best songs there. plus lyla, a bell will ring, turn up the sun, meaning of soul, love like a bomb are all cool too! but i still think they still need to work more if they want to regain their definitely maybe-what’s the story form.

    OASIS, for me, was the best rock and roll band from 1994-1997.

    To all die hards like me: “THINGS ARE GONNA FLY, NEVER SAY DIE!”


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