Odds & Sods Wanna Be a Rock Star?

Odds and Sods: The Rock and Roll Geek on Tour, Versailles Records Looking For Some Unsigned Bands, Joe Camel’s Illicit Affair with Rolling Stone Magazine and Keith Richards Makes Rudolph Run

The Rock and Roll Geek is on tour


I am a huge fan of the Rock and Roll Geek Show podcast. Hosted by Michael Butler, bassist for American Heartbreak and currently on tour with Jetboy, Michael is one of the original rock and roll podcasters and he is always a blast to listen to. He is currently on the road with Jetboy on the Stephen Pearcy/Jetboy/Antidivison tour and he is doing a video podcast chronicling their adventures as they rock and roll all over the States. The last time I checked they were playing a strip bar in Omaha I believe and the drummer for Antidivision had just quit. If you ever wanted to know what it was like to go on tour as part of a working indie band then you gotta start watching this. Always a lot of fun and nothing is sugar coated. This podcast is a must for any true fan of rock and roll.

Versailles Records Looking for Some Unsigned Bands for Tribute Album

(PR) Versailles Records is seeking a handful of unsigned bands to round out several star-studded tributes planned for release in 2008 to Kiss, Led Zeppelin, and Whitesnake. Collectively, these tributes feature current/former members of bands including Whitesnake, Anthrax, Dio, David Coverdale Band, Kiss, Badlands, L.A. Guns, Ratt, House of Lords, Blue Murder, TSO, Warrant, Slash’s Snakepit, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Alice Cooper Band, Lillian Axe, Riot, Dangerous Toys, Pretty Boy Floyd, and a host of others. In seeking to feature new millennium rock/metal bands among the aforementioned stars of the genre, we have approx. 2-3 slots open per-tribute. Interested bands should submit a weblink (website, myspace, etc) to for consideration.

Joe Camel’s Illicit Affair with Rolling Stone Magazine

It seems that Rolling stone Magazine and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco are under fire for a recent promotion featured in the 40th Anniversary edition of the mag. According to an article in The Daily Swarm, the magazine features a fold-out poster that may have crossed the line between mixing advertising and editorial content. The Daily Swarm explained, “The fold-out poster – a bizarre illustration that lists dozens of Pitchfork-centric bands grouped around representations of various planets and animals – is nestled in between five pages of advertisements for ‘The Farm,’ Camel Cigarettes’ indie band and label-focused promotion. If you are like most indie music fans who paid any attention to those pages, you likely assumed that the ‘Indie Rock Universe’ poster was part and parcel of the Camel advertising campaign; if not, the message was clear…Camel’s got indie rock’s back.”

Of course everybody is denying that there was collusion and it is all an innocent misunderstanding but Reynolds has halted any further advertising of “The Farm” and indie labels are demanding an apology. This IS Rolling Stone Magazine we are talking about right? Who the hell reads RS for info on indie bands?

Keith Richards Makes Rudolph Run

Just in time for Christmas you can buy the legendary Keith Richards version of Run Rudolph Run, recorded around the time of mega-heroin use and Some Girls. Just like his idol Chuck Berry…

Keith Richards - Run Rudolph Run / Pressure Drop - Single