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Official Bomp statement on the passing of Greg Shaw

“I guess I’d most like Bomp to be remembered as a label utterly
dedicated to the people who care most about music: the fans and

–Greg Shaw

We have some very sad news to report– Bomp’s founder, Greg Shaw, died on Tuesday, October 19, from heart failure at the age of 55. Greg’s lifelong devotion to discovering, raving about and releasing authentic -albeit obscure- rock & roll, and promoting rock fandom over four decades was extraordinary. Among his many accomplishments were fanzine publisher, magazine editor, band manager, author, indie label owner, and rock historian. Though his roles often varied, two things were absolutely consistent: his impeccable taste in music and the ability to be there first.

Though we grieve for him now, please know that Greg’s legacy is the Bomp/Voxx records he was so proud to release, as ever they will be in print and available to inspire music lovers everywhere through the efforts of his business partner, Suzy Shaw, and Alive/Total Energy’s Patrick Boissel.

However you choose to honor Greg’s memory– do it with anything but a moment of silence.
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