On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

I used to subscribe to Rolling Stone and I used to enjoy it. But alas no more. And I’m not the only one with that same sinking feeling. This article (courtesy of Rock Critics Daily) eloquently, yet sadly illustrates the tale of woe of yet another ex-subscriber. I have to agree whole heartedly with his reasons. Oddly enough, he mentions Spin as well. I picked the latest issue up this week (with the White Stripes on the cover) and I find it incredibly ironic that the only article I actually read completely, the cover story on the White Stripes, was a reprint of a Detroit Free Press article for god’s sake! And what the heck is it with fashion spreads in Rolling Stone and Spin? I doubt very much that I will see a fashion spread in Ugly Things, or Lollipop or even Mojo for that matter.
I must be getting old when I start complaining about the oh so hip rock press circa 2003, but is this what the kids today really want? I certainly hope not. At least one thing is for sure, a shit load of them bought Elephant. So it’s not all bad.