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One Star Hotel- “Good Morning, West Gordon”

Onestar_hotel For some reason, the first time I heard “Good Morning, West Gordon” by One Star Hotel (available through Not Lame) I thought of “Billy Breathes” era Phish. To fans of One Star Hotel that might seem to be a strange comparison but it was Steve Yutzy-Burkey’s wonderfully evocative vocals that got me to thinking about both bands. The more I listened though, the more I thought of Wilco and it is this sort of eclectic Americana that the Philadelphia based band does so well. While the album has a fine mix of indie pop gems and slower, contemplative numbers the album’s big payoff for me was listening to the track “Good Morning, West Gordon” late one night on the headphones. As the wash of sound and vocals enveloped me I was transported to that wonderful space where the music just picks you up and transports you to another place. It doesn’t happen often but this album pulled it off with style. That makes this record is a keeper in my books. Later.