Pearl Jam are heading to Canada

With all the political shenanigans going on in Canada at the moment, it’s nice to hear that Pearl Jam are embarking on a nice extended tour of Canada this fall. I have been a long time fan of the band (and often frustrated by it especially with some of their recent output) but seeing a band of their stature playing in Newfoundland is very cool. Now if only more bands would look beyond the Toronto-Montreal-Vancouver tour stops in the future we would be all the happier. Make sure the boys get some Screech when they arrive in St. Johns on September 24th!


  1. I cannot wait until the London, Ontatio show. Their new stuff is going to rock harder than the previous 2 albums combined. On top of that, they are taking their time on the new album which means perfection!

  2. Are Pearl Jam comming to the Air Canada Centre on May 8 & 9 2006? Saw the ad on t.v. but no listings anywhere else

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