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Pebbles Tribute LP

From the Shindig Mailing List comes news of a Pebbles Tribute LP from Born Bad Records. If you’re not familiar with the Pebbles series of recordings, Greg Shaw from Bomp! had put together an incredible run of 28 LPs containing obscure ’60s recordings from all over the world, inspired in part from Lenny Kayes famed "Nuggets" series of little known but extremely raucous garage rock. Well "The Pebbles vol. 1-10 Tribute Album" comprises 17 bands and 16 exclusive tracks inspired by the first 10 volumes of this seminal slice of rock and roll history. The release will be limited to 400 vinyl copies only so contact the label if you want to get a copy toute de suite! The lineup is as follows (with comments from list poster Laurent Bigot):

1) Scope (Action Woman)…..Freak Beat ex Bang
2) the 4 Slicks (Going Away Baby)…. starring ex-Rip Offs Jon Von
3) Merzakt (It’s A Cryin’ Shame)…. with Cécilia from No Talents/ Ennuis/ Opération S..
4) the Hecklers (I’m 5 Years Ahead Of My Time).. NYC Punk finest!
5) Sonic Love Affair (I Never Loved Her)…Sacramento’s pride!
6) Kwartkz (The Trip)….starring ex-Splash 4 & currently Volt FX
7) Frédéric "Spirit of Christmas" Campo (Beach Ball).. No comment
8) Sea Monkeys (Spazz)…Dave The Spazz! The only song previously issued
9) the Checkers (It’s Cold Outside).. current L.A. power pop number ones!
10) the Defenestrors (Go Away)… Parisian lo-fi punk for the 1st time on vinyl
11) the (San Francisco) Flakes (Love)…Best Live Band these days!
12) Anteenagers MC (99th floor)…The song that gave us this stupid idea a year ago
13) the Magnetix (Tilt A Whirl)..Bordeaux’s best lo-fi duo goes trio!
14) Lili Z (Flight Reaction/Réaction cleptomane)…The very talented DIY lady!
15)Stanlet SD (I Wanna Come Back From The World Of LSD/ Je veux rester dans le monde du LSD)..freshly & sadly kicked out of Blutt. A crime !
16/The Shadows of Night (Potato Chips)…A mystery??????
17/The Pebbles vol.6 Tribute Team (Get Yourself Home) .. Forget it!