Peter Buck: Record Collector Extraordinaire

R.E.M. has released a bunch of dates for their upcoming world tour (and are finally coming to Montreal after an almost 10 year absence, see you there!) and I read somewhere about Peter Buck’s record buying habits. Now, if you are not familiar with the guitarist from R.E.M. and his passion for buying records, let’s just say he has a “passion” for rock and roll and music in general and has been record collecting since the age of six! He recently stated that he buys an average of ten records a week and that he currently carts around four iPods full of music so that he always has something to listen to! Not only that, he has recently gotten into the habit of re-programming people’s iPods with music from his vast record collection that he thinks they would like to hear. Wouldn’t you love to have this guy for a neighbor?

Knock, knock.
“Uh, excuse me Peter how are ya?
That’s great.
Listen, can I borrow that Moby Grape bootleg you have and maybe that cool CD by Cold Water Flat that I never got around to buying?
And are you still listening to that Coltrane box set you had blaring outside yesterday?
What about that live Byrds boot from England? Is it any good?
Could I maybe like borrow it for a couple of days?
Geez thanks.
Oh here are those 14 CDs and 3 box sets that I borrowed last week.
Oh ya, almost forgot. Here’s my iPod. Can ya fill it up for me?
Thanks a bunch.”