Peter Buck: What is Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Check out this interview on Murmurs with Peter Buck By Víctor Lenore, Rockdelux translated to english by chorima (a scan of the original article can be found here). I tend to agree with his “non-definition” of rock ‘n’ roll but I can’t say I’m into hip hop but, like jazz, that may be just because I’m ignorant (quite likely) but I definitely agree with broadening your musical horizons by listening to something other than rock and roll all the time like the blues or bluegrass. The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned. This is what he had to say:


“I think that rock’n’roll has been there for so long that it’s becoming harder and harder to define it. If you go to a shop, you find under that label artists as different as Bryan Adams, The Strokes or Mercury Rev. Who’s ‘more rock’ for you: Bryan Adams or The Chemical Brothers? Howe Gelb, for instance, plays country, but in essence he’s a rock artist. Five years ago, I thought that the gender was going to disappear; I’m not exaggerating. Well, I thought that it would be like roots music, something that would just interest people over 40. That’s why I find it so surprising that the new generation has gone back there and that they make it sound so great: I speak of the Dirtbombs, The White Stripes, The Detroit Cobras… But, as a listener, I don’t limit myself to rock. I also listen to electronic music, things like DJ Shadow. I also like hip hop quite a lot, for the richness of the rythms, but I find boring 90% of the raps (too uniform, besides I don’t connect with the lyrics). What I just can’t stand is commercial pop. You have to move piles of garbage to find a decent refrain”.