Rock Radio 2.0

Playing Around with the PopMeter

I came across a very cool website from France called PopMeter which had me groovin’ to some very cool ’60s punk (after a couple of minor glitches. Make sure you have Realplayer installed). Not only does it feature a jukebox that allows you to listen to all kinds of obscure rock and roll (this site also gives you a great opportunity to learn French by listening to some funky ’60s French pop mon ami! French lessons were never this cool) but it also features reader contributed playlists, a cool record guide that allows you to listen to the record you’re reading about, music news and an events guide all on a well designed and visually appealing site. It really is a lot of fun so get over there and start mucking about with it. You’ll have a blast with the music and on top of it all you’ll get a nice dose of European continental flair thrown in for good measure. Zoot alors I must get back to the site before my ears stop ringing!