Playing Live Rock and Roll. Two Tools That Will Help: Eventful.Com and The Indie Venue Bible

rock-club.jpgDespite the fact that we are living in a Web 2.o world and we can have access to tons of great rock and roll without ever leaving our keyboards, rock and roll is meant to be both played and experienced live. There is no two ways about it, rock and roll is a communal experience. The key for most bands is to tour, tour and tour some more if they want to generate a buzz and let’s face it, some income for their hard work. If you are in a band you will know that planning a tour, especially with little or no support from a major label is a daunting task but two tools might be helpful for those planning on taking the touring plunge.

Eventful.Com is billed as a “user generated touring site” that lets fans request performances and organize gigs for their favourite acts. More than 30,000 musicians are using the service with 3000 more signing up every day. The cool thing for fans is that you can integrate it with your iTunes and Last.FM accounts to track when your favourite bands are coming to town and for bands it’s great because you can use it to pinpoint where your fans are located and plan your tours appropriately. A very cool Web 2.o site for bands and fans alike.

Another, more traditional tool is the brand new Indie Venue Bible. A team of over 20 researchers has been collecting venues for this book and it features 26,000 venues and 2000 booking agents in the US and Canada. It lists venues of all sizes including clubs, restaurants, lounges,
coffee shops, festivals, theaters, halls, churches, book stores, community centers, house concerts, jams and open mics. There are also over 1000 colleges listed for any artist that wants to plan a college tour. Looks like this will be essential for any touring indie musician.