Odds & Sods

Please Do Not Adjust Your Set!

I am currently in the process of setting up The Rock and Roll Report to be able to host the new podcast. My tech guru Graham from the mighty Sugartune is running tests and tweaking code while madly cackling in the background so that everything will look cool and work the first time around. With that said, if you see any weird posts, bizarre graphics or naked women on the site, you can ignore all but the naked women.

By the way, the podcast will be great. Everybody but one band has said yes to being on the show so far (and it was the band’s label that turned me down, not the band themselves) so the support is there. If you are looking for a rock and roll shot in the arm after listening to too much of your local classic rock radio station, this should do the trick.

Just all in a days work here at The Rock and Roll Report!