Please Send Us Your Rock and Roll!

I have been getting more and more e-mails from bands asking if The Rock and Roll Report is accepting submissions for “review” and the answer is a resounding YES! If you have a band that plays niche-free rock and roll, especially if you are currently unsigned and you think you would fit into the Rock and Roll Report Mission then by all means drop me an e-mail at and let me know about you. For the sake of convenience please e-mail me with either info on your band or a link to your website. Please do not e-mail me MP3s because they most probably will be rejected by my e-mail service but links to your MP3s are fine. Best of all for convenience sake would be a CD or CD-R if possible. Just let me know you have one and I will e-mail you the address of where to send it to (haven’t invested in a PO Box yet). My whole philosophy and that of The Rock and Roll Report is that rock and roll has a wide variety of styles and flavours. It is what makes rock and roll such fun to listen to so whether you play neo-psychedelic thrash rock or are a pop-punk emo jam band or play garage jugular juju rock and roll it doesn’t matter. You either rock or you don’t and if you rock then you will always have a home here at The Rock and Roll Report. Please just be patient. I always answer back acknowledging all e-mails but it just sometimes takes me a couple of weeks to get a chance to actually listen to all the MP3s and CDs I am starting to get, a great and life affirming problem for my rock and roll ears to have rest assured. Thanks.
UPDATE! Thanks for all the e-mails, it’s been great but please do not send attachments with your e-mails, especially big attachments like press packs and MP3s. Just include a link to the attachment and I will download it myself. My e-mail account thanks you.