Podcast Corner: Indiefeed

I have added a new category to The Rock and Roll Report (like I need more categories!) because podcasting is becoming another great alternative to the crappy commercial radio that we are often stuck with. As I explained in a previous post podcasts are simply downloadable radio shows in MP3 format that are put together by all kinds of people from all walks of life. It really is radio for the people, by the people and there are some great hidden gems out there to be heard. Last week I fired up iPodder for the first time in awhile and downloaded the latest "Alt/Modern Rock" stuff from Indiefeed, a great  podcast featuring some very cool music. In the span of one hour I had a chance to discover the excellent bands Winston and the Plain White T’s (amongst a bunch more) and that’s after just listening to one iPodder update of Indiefeed! I highly recommend you download the iPodder software and join the podcast revolution. Take that Clear Channel!