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Q Magazine’s 100 Greatest Gigs Ever

I was going to pick up Q Magazine and their “100 Greatest Gigs Ever” issue but unfortunately it features the greatest “British” gigs which naturally shouldn’t be a surprise since it is a British magazine. Anyhow I passed on the issue (picked up Mojo instead) but for your reading pleasure, here are the top 10 greatest gigs ever according to Q Magazine:

1. Radiohead Glastonbury 1997
2. Nirvana Reading 1992
3. Oasis Knebworth 1996
4. Coldplay V2003
5. Brian Wilson Royal Festival Hall 2004
6. Madonna Earls Court 2001
7. The Beatles Apple 1969
8. REM Trafalgar Square 2001
9. Queen Live Aid
10. Pink Floyd Earls Court 1980

I must admit that I am kind of shocked that there was nothing from before 1980 in the top 10 (I thought that the Led Zeppelin “Electric Magic” shows at Earls Court in ’75 should have been in there) but be that as it may, these are their choices. I would definitely like to see a “Greatest Global Gigs Ever” issue but on second thought, I can just imagine what it would cost at the newsstand!