Radio daze. My continuing adventures in community radio.

Ckutstudioconsole77t_1Well, last night I made my radio debut on CKUT 90.3 FM here in Montreal filling in for the regular hosts of Underground Sounds and I have got to say it was the most confusing and nerve wracking thing I have done in a long time and I can’t wait to do it again! It was an absolute blast. For those of you who really want to hear what a total radio newbie sounds like you can head over to the archive section of the CKUT site and have a listen to the 8:00 PM, July 25, 2005 edition of Underground Sounds. When you do radio, especially traditional radio where the DJ runs the board, cues up the records and CDs and plays the commercials and answers the phone you begin to understand how complicated the whole excercise is and my admiration for radio DJs in commercial and community stations everywhere has taken a big jump. The process is incredibly interactive. Once again I can’t emphasize enough that if you are interested in getting involved in radio you owe it to yourself to become involved in your local community station as it is quite possibly the best, and certainly cheapest way to learn the craft of radio. Where else could a guy like me host a radio show in a studio with thousands of dollars of equipment playing all kinds of cool music while pretending to know what I’m doing? Needless to say I ran into a number of problems during my stint on the air. I don’t talk for the first half hour or so mainly because I couldn’t figure out to get the mic to work! And some of my mixes (and song selections for that matter) left a bit to be desired but other than that I can’t complain as I enjoyed the whole experience immensely. One thing I definitely learned was that 2 hours is a hell of a lot of time and needless to say I ran out of music to play in the last half-hour or so which left me furiously scrambling for some CDs to play before my shift was up but I managed in my own club-footed way to make it until 10:00 PM. I have started to put the word out that I would love to fill in again someday but I don’t think I am ready for a regular radio gig even if there was a slot available. Hopefully my comfort level will increase as my experience does and then maybe I’ll attempt a podcast of some sort for The Rock and Roll Report but until then, the written word is still the way forward for me! Again, this week is a transition week but I’ll hopefully have some cool stuff up in the next day or so so keep checking in every once in awhile and once again, thanks for reading (and listening).


  1. You’re being way too hard on yourself, Mark! I caught a lot of your show and you sounded very poised and like someone who knew what he was doing. You might have been flailing around in a sweaty panic, but you managed to conceal it very well. That’s the beauty of radio–nobody can see you sweat. You did great for your first time and it should only get easier!


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