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Radio Dio is on the ropes!

For those of you that enjoy The Rock and Roll Report’s regular feature “Rock and Roll Postcard from France” written by Gérard Girard you may or may not know that he is also a DJ at France’s Radio Dio. Unfortunately, Radio Dio is undergoing a severe cash crisis. I post here Gérard’s comment on the subject:

Dear music devotee,

As you may already know, Radio Dio, the FM station which has been hosting my weekly sweet pop programme is in great financial trouble. After having suffered many financial bankruptcies, mainly due to the fact that Radio Dio is fiercely ad-free and independent from all forms of commercial bound, the station is now facing a major turning point of its history. In the next six months we’ll all be waiting for a sort of miracle to happen – an unexpected and extraordinary financial support from our local politicians, a wonderful and reliable sponsor, a major public upheaval that would lead to a positive riot, a magic wizard offering us three wishes…

I will definitely keep you informed as to what will be happening in the next few months but I already would like to thank all of you who expressed their total support via e-mail. I also encourage the others to pass on their comments and/or thoughts to me. These messages will really be useful to show to all those concerned that Dio is an important voice and a much followed reference throughout the world.