Rock Radio 2.0

Radio Station of the Week: KPIG FM

Descended from the legendary KFAT, KPIG is the kind of radio station that I’d cheer for even if they were playing polka music because this station just goes to show you that good radio can be successful. It doesn’t all have to be “one size fits all FM adult/contemporary/boring rock radio.” According to their site, they describe themselves as: We’re an anachronism – a throwback to the days when real DJs picked out the music, and listeners expected something more from a radio station than just a couple of hundred songs repeated over and over, with some “big voice” guy yelling about how great it all is. We’re also – to the amazement of all of the radio “professionals” who make the rules we thumb our noses at – very successful, though we try not to let it go to our heads.” And their call letters are great to boot! Go ahead, you’ll like the sound this pig makes. Pass the apple sauce.