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Radio Station Spotlight: CBC Radio

Some of you might be thinking that I am out of my tree in recommending the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s radio service. The Canadians probably think I’m nuts, the Americans a left leaning, Liberal socialist and the Europeans probably don’t even know that the CBC exists but you would all be wrong. The CBC produces 2 shows that I recommend in particular: Brave New Waves and Radio Sonic (oops. Radio Sonic is being eliminated as of September 3rd to be replaced by CBC Radio 3. Let’s see if they manage to screw up a good thing!). In addition, they have a great concert guide called Just Concerts. Anybody anywhere can listen since they stream on the ‘Net. Unlike the lame programming that CBC Television produces (aside from Hockey Night in Canada and even that is starting to get tiresome. I mean can we not get rid of Harry Neal already!), CBC radio is really very good. Check out what our Canadian tax money is being spent on. The quality is great, just like the country it originates from (I had to slip that in!).