Record label spotlight: Crypt Records

How do bands like The Oblivions, the Gories, the Pagans and the Lazy Cowgirls sound to you? Do these bands not just ooze rock and roll attitude, even though you might never have heard of them? Well one look at the Crypt Records website and you will be hit with enough rock and roll attitude to send Axl Rose screaming for cover. Crypt has it all: a mail-order selection put together by some truly demented rock and roll fanatics, all kinds of cool and trashy books and magazines that you can order and read, a bunch of crazed, fuzzed out rock and roll bands that have found a home on the Crypt label, and a streaming rock and roll radio station to boot. This is one Crypt you should not be afraid to check out but don’t blame me if it completely warps your rock and roll senses and blows out your hearing!