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Record Review: Altered State – Get Real – (Indie 2007)

“You come across like a whipped cream top
buy you ain’t nothin’ more than an edible oil product”

altered-state-altered-state.jpgSo kicks off the first song Get Real off of the brand new CD by Altered State of the same name and it is just a tiny example of some of the wonderfully surreal lyrics from this fine disc. From the fantastic War (“make big balloons out of empty body bags, all of us would wear a happy face toe tag”) to I Need a Vacation which will get you nodding your head in sympatico to lines like “parking spots hard to find, you son of a bitch that one’s mine.”

The band certainly has their chops down pat and are a great counter-point to the vocals of Lorna Dowell who has this fascinating effect on me which is hard to describe. And I mean that literally as every word I come up with to describe her vocals just doesn’t do her justice, she is that original. With a cover of Alice Cooper’s Only Women Bleed thrown in for good measure, Get Real is a great record because it does something that I have always enjoyed by everyone from Frank Zappa to The Tragically Hip. They will chug along locked into a great hooky riff and then throw in a cool left hook with either a melodic change of pace or a strange riff that keeps things interesting. This is not paint by numbers rock and roll and it benefits from repeated listenings for full effect. Another fine export from Saskatoon! And no, that’s no joke.

Have a listen to the song links above. I am sure you will be convinced. If not, get real!