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Record Review: Awakening Stick – s/t (Indie 2004)

awakening-stick.gifMy initial reaction when listening to “Define Reality” off of the self-titled debut by Awakening Stick was of early R.E.M. if Peter Buck had plugged into a pair of Marshall Stacks and a distortion pedal instead of his little Vox AC30. But as I made my way through the CD I started thinking more of somebody like the Stooges and the great garage bands of the ‘60s like the Standells and the Haunted.

Raw but tuneful, loud but well produced. These are the hallmarks of this CD and it was nice to spend some time amongst the raunch and roll of songs like “Revelations From the Porcelain Altar” (we’ve all been there!), the very cool “Jetway Honey” (click to listen) and the excellent “Stonehenge” (no relation to the Spinal Tap classic).

With a cover of the Hellacopters “Like No Other Man” thrown in for shits and giggles, Awakening Stick certainly understand the primitive urge underlying truly great rock and roll. A fine addition to your CD collection and a great CD to pump out loud at a party once the first keg has bit the dust. Great fun.



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