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Record Review: Galore – Amplifier (Bhurr Records 2006)

Galore_amplifier Does this ever happen to you? You get a new CD and the first song is so good that you keep playing it while pretty much ignoring the rest of the CD for a week or so? Then you finally decide to turn off “repeat” and plow through the rest of the songs to see if they are all that good? Well that’s what happened to me with Amplifier by Galore. The lead off track “She’s an Elevator” is so good that I literally ignored the rest of the record and even played it on Rock and Roll Report Radio last Monday. I finally managed to pull myself away from that amazingly cool tune to check out the rest of the CD and what a amanzingly great CD it is!

Galore is a Toronto band that emerged from the ashes of some great Canadian indie bands including one of my personal faves, Cool Blue Halo. I knew I was in for a treat just based on “Elevator” and the fact that Moe Berg, a power pop icon in my opinion produced the record and oh man was I right. Galore have managed to pack a lot of different musical styles on this CD but all the songs contain great, great hooks that keep things fun and rockin. Aside from “Elevator” check out “Teen Rebellion Machine”, “The Amanda Effect” and “Come On X 3” for some amazing rock and roll. A great CD. Just can’t decide which song to play on the next radio show! Check out their MySpace page for a listen to what they have to offer.

You can buy the CD at the Burr Records site.