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Record Review: Kill Van Kull – Edge of Sunrise (indie)

Killvankull With a name like Kill Van Kull you would expect a heavy sounding rock and roll attack and “Edge of Sunrise” does not disappoint but it offers so many interesting twists and turns in its sound that it is an amazing sonic adventure listening to the CD.

Starting with “Then You Were Gone” that alternates between soft and heavy, Edge of Sunrise certainly offers a varied rock and roll landscape. From the extra heavy “Through the Night” which turns the tables on the usual “guy dumps chick after a one night stand” to the horn tinged “Sweet Summertime” and “Rock it Steady” to the absolute best Monday morning rock song ever in “Kick Em and Smile” this CD is an amazing testament to diversity. I mean its hard to believe that a band that sings “Fuck this, fuck that, fuck everyone, I’ll kick your ass” can also be responsible for the sweet pastoral song “Edge of Sunrise” but they are and the whole package works.

Very cool stuff from a fascinating band. And remember, if you wake up on Monday morning hating the world put on “Kick Em and Smile” and you will feel much better. Trust me on that.


album cover KILL VAN KULL: Edge Of SunriseYou need ass-kicking,crowd chanting,groove-infectious hard rock…KVK Delivers it.

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