Record Review: Mondo Topless – “Take it Slow” (Get Hip Records)

Take_it_slow_small_1Mondo Topless are cool because they play cool music. Swirling Vox Continental organs and songs about beer, I mean really, what’s not to like? Things blast off nicely with “Take it Slow” but to me their take on Paul Revere and The Raiders’ “Louise” had me hook, line and sinker. As a matter of fact I wanted to immediately order a couple of kegs and have a hundred of my best friends come over for a toga party. Ya that’s the effect this stuff has on me.

Around since 1992 so they are in no way newcomers to the current in vogue “garage rock” movement, Mondo Topless have undergone a bunch of changes in personnel but have always stayed true to their garage rock roots, roots that any Nuggets owning rock and roll fan will testify to with complete and utter conviction. Have a listen to their take on Solomon Burke’s “Stupidity” which oozes stagger to the bar cool, or “Powerglide” with its punked out drive and you will know that this is sweaty, crash and bang rock and roll the way its supposed to be played. A party in every track. Mondo cool. Buy it at Get Hip direct.