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Record Review: Radio Moscow – S/T (Alive Records)

Radio_moscow_1 There was a time in what seemed like ages ago where bands like Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and the original Fleetwood Mac were heralded as innovative free form experimenters who pushed the boundaries of what could be done in the brand new but burgeoning “blues-rock” genre. But then lifestyle excesses, greedy record labels and endless drum solos and guitar masturbation destroyed that avenue of expression with punk finally nailing the coffin shut in 1977.

Ames, Iowa based Radio Moscow has allowed me to rediscover the guilty pleasure that is blues-rock. Fronted by multi-intrumentalist Parker Griggs with Luke McDuff on bass and Mayuko on drums, Radio Moscow remind me of a more controlled, less histionic Jimi Hendrix Experience. Whether chugging along with something like “Frustrating Sound” or wailing away on the Stevie-Ray-esque instrumental “Lickskillet” or the very Hendrix-like “Whatever Happened”, this debut by Radio Moscow (to be released February 27, 2007) reminds you of why you enjoyed this type of music in the first place. If you ever wanted to discover or re-discover some great, swampy blues-rock and roll from a band that aren’t receiving social security you might just want to check out Radio Moscow. A nice blast from the past played today. Cool stuff.

The band is currently on tour with dates being added over the next few weeks. As good as the CD is, this stuff will be killer live.

Upcoming shows :

Jan 27 @ Blinks – Ames, Iowa
Jan 30 @ Peeples – Ames, Iowa
Feb 9 @ Hairy Marys – Des Moines, Iowa
Feb 10 @ Lumpys – Ames, Iowa
Feb 17 @ Bali Satay – Ames, Iowa
Feb 26 @ Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, Iowa
Mar 1 @ The Aquarium – Fargo, North Dakota
Mar 4 @ Bev’s Juke Joint – Superior, Wisconsin
Mar 13 @ King Club – Madison, Wisconsin
Mar 15 @ Lagerhouse – Detroit, Michigan

Check them out at MySpace.