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Record Review: Red Seven – Anywhere But Here (Unsigned)

Red_seven_1 Can anyone tell me why “Someone Else’s Name” by Red Seven is not a huge fuckin’ hit on commercial radio? Oh ya, that might be because Red Seven aren’t signed to a label, indie or major and that is a real shame. On their debut album “Anywhere But Here” this band from Chicago have managed to combine crafty songwriting with crisp production and a satisfying heavy backbeat to put together a 10 song hard rock opus that would not be out of place AT ALL on commercial rock radio if it would just get its collective head out of the major labels’ asses and play something a bit off the beaten track, you know something that the commercial radio “personalities” would have to discover by maybe going to a small rock club or at the very least checking out MySpace once in awhile.

The way I discovered the band is a testament to the power of the Internet and Web 2.0 and all that cool stuff available to music fans these days. I checked in with Iain, the host of the Unsigned Rock Podcast and asked him who has floated his boat lately and he pointed me towards Red Seven. Two clicks later I’m on their MySpace site listening to some tracks off of “Anywhere But Here” and after a couple of e-mails I had my own copy sitting in my grubby little hands.

With a satisfying mix of mid-tempo contemplative rockers including the phenomenal “She Don’t Know” and “Gone” and the excellent 3 song blast at the end with the aforementioned “Someone Else’s Name”, “Wanna Hold You” and “DUI/Drinkin’ All Night” this CD just begs to get out to a wider audience and that is frustrating in its on right. This stuff would be lapped up by the rock and roll masses if they could only hear it so I’ll do my part. “Someone Else’s Name” is my MySpace “Song of the Week” and make sure you check out Rock and Roll Report Radio on November 20th for more Red Seven. It astonishes me that there is so much good sounding rock and roll out there that still remains unsigned. A travesty to be sure. Have a listen on the CD Baby link below and if you like, buy.


album cover RED SEVEN: Anywhere But HereWARNING: Listening to this CD may be habit forming. Contains traces of catchy pop/punk, hard-driving rock and soulful ballads that may cause uncontrollable head bobbing, repetition of lyrics and finger tapping. Highly addictive even in moderation.

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