Record Review: Rotten Cheri – “02” (Indie)

rottencheri.jpgBrooklyn, New York based Rotten Cheri exudes pure sexuality. From the provocative cover art of their CD “02” to the sensual vocals of Stephanie St. Hilaire, this band has managed to combine the crunchiness of slick hard rock, add a bit of punk attitude and couple it with vocals that combine the playfulness of someone like a Gwen Stefani, the pure soaring vocals of a Pat Benatar with the harder edge of a Joan Jett. It really works.

With songs about relationships in pretty much every state of disarray, the subject matter of this CD matches the name of the band perfectly. Sticky sweet on the outside but rotten at the core. Two songs that really stood out for me were “Before It’s Over” and “Get Out Go Away” which are sad, emotionally raw and musically fantastic in equal parts.

All in all listening to the CD pulled me in closer and closer to its core and everything felt slightly decadent but right. And when I say this is a slickly produced CD I mean it as a compliment as the production conveys the rawness of the music in a way that is sweet to the ears and thrives at the high end of the volume knob. Great CD.

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