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Record Review – SSM s/t (Alive Records)

Holy shit this is a cool album. At first I was a bit skeptical when I recieved it but it has been on constant play now for a few weeks and man is it nicely warped. SSM consists of John Symanski on keyboards, Dave Shettler on drums and Marty Morris on guitar and my first thought when laying eyes on the lineup was “please God not some techno synthesizer heavy thump crap.” I have a love/hate relationship with synthezisers mainly because, for an instrument that is supposed to sound like nothing in this world (or like everything but a synthesizer) it always comes out sounding the same. Think of that horrible ending to “Lucky Man” by ELP and the crappy synth part to “Jump” by Van Halen that we all imitate when we are drunk at weddings to understand what I mean. But SSM is a whole other ball of wax. The keyboards on this CD absolutely swoop and growl and roil and shake with mighty slabs of low end rumble that nicely compliment some pretty heavy guitar parts. People are saying that this is more garage-rock revival stuff but I beg to differ. This is pure sonic sludge that defiantly takes on some of rock’s past influences but yet wraps it all up into today’s rock and roll. I don’t know whether it’s better appreciated with a good set of headphones or cranked up to the max through big ass ground shaking speakers, you know the kind they say are being replaced by those tiny German built mini-speakers. Ya right. Check out Sick and 2012 and then catch them in concert.


16 Jun Cleveland, OH @ CMJ Rock Hall Music Festival

20 June @ The Union, Athens OH w/The Bellrays

21 June @ Small’s, Hamtramck, MI w/The Bellrays

22 June @ The Emprt Bottle, Chicago IL w/The Bellrays

23 June @ High Noon Saloon, Madison WI w/The Bellrays

24 June @ The High-Pointe, St. Louis MO w/The Bellrays

25 June @ Goofyfoot Lodge, Omaha NE w/The Bellrays

26 June @ Gabe’s Oasis, Iowa City IA w/The Bellrays

27 June @ 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis MN w/The Bellrays

28 June @ Duffy’s Tavern, Lincoln NE w/The Bellrays

July 1 @ Cactus Club, Milwaukee, WI

2 July @ The Comerica TasteFest – Festival, Detroit MI