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Record Review: The Apple Bros – “On An Empty Stomach” (Monkey Skull Records)

I don’t like the term Americana (probably because I’m Canadian) but country-fried rock would be about the best description that one could use when describing the Apple Bros latest CD “On An Empty Stomach.”

From the fuzzed out start of “I Want More” to that great riff on “Hide” to the funky “Bad Blood” this is a great and welcome return for me to a style of music that I haven’t listen to in too long. With echos of Steve Earle, you can tell this New York-based band have poured their heart and soul into this stuff and it shows on every track. I honestly can say I loved every track and the ending medley of “Crying in the Chapel/Don’t Let Me Down” brought a smile to my face with its honest, passionate performance.

The Apple Bros are veterans of the New York rock scene and you can sense that in both the sound of this CD. Great production values, songs that get better with each listen and some well chosen covers make “On An Empty Stomach” a great listen. Thanks guys for reintroducing me to a style I have given short shift to recently. Well done.


album cover THE APPLE BROS.: On An Empty StomachON AN EMPTY STOMACH is a guitar-driven collection of gritty, gravellin’ grooves –from shoutin’ to shufflin’. Real music, played by a new band that doesn’t sound like they’re still learning how to play their instruments. THE APPLE BROS DELIVER…

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