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Record Review: The Contrast – “Forget to Tell the Time” (Rainbow Quartz)

Forget_to_tell_the_time Consitency. Somehow the word doesn’t seem exciting when using it to describe a band. Lacks a certain flair, sounds like your talking about a football team or something. Why we would think so is a mystery to me as consistency denotes quality, entertainment and the advancment of the craft of making music. Consitency does not mean, and it shouldn’t mean sounding the same record after record. The Contrast are favourites of mine because they are consistent in every good sense of the word.

Besides rocking out, chief songwriter David Reid has always managed to write intelligent and thoughtful lyrics that just so happen to be contained in a 3 minute pop song. David and the band have in fact managed to put out a consistent (there’s that word again!) CD that also touches on a lot of new ground like the gorgeous “Be There” and the jazzy lo-fi “Hold Your Fire” but still “Adversity” (with wonderful background vocals) and for me escpecially “Ink” are rock and roll crackers that have already made my personal playlist while “Care” has already been played on Rock and Roll Report Radio.

A great CD by a great band on a seriously cool record label. Highly recommended.

Check out Forget to Tell The Time for another taste.