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Record Review: The Dress Whites – s/t (Vibrolux Records)

The_dress_whites When I first listened to the debut ep by Montreal-based band The Dress Whites, I had a vision of lying in a hammock on a warm summer Saturday when all of a sound this languid, country-tinged sound started off in the distance. As I strained to listen I realized that it was a band playing not too far away and so I approached them playing in a backyard to a mixed group of people listening carefully while sipping on iced tea and lemonade. Not your normal rock and roll vision now is it? Well no but The Dress Whites are not your typical rock and roll band.

With a sound reminiscent of maybe the softer side of mid-seventies rock but with lyrics that actually pull you in closer for a proper listen, all five songs are truly little gems that roll more than rock and with no apologies given, rightfully so. For sure the song that really stuck in my ear was “Far Away” which is basically a “fuck you” to an ex girlfriend, a song country sweet and tasty. Wonderful stuff but the other four songs tend to grow on you as they reveal different layers and textures with each additional listen. Looking forward to what these guys will do in the future. A great listen. Pass the iced tea please.