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Record Review: The DT’s “Nice ‘n’ Ruff – Hard Soul Hits! Vol. 1″ (Get Hip)

The_dtsI know Diana Young-Blanchard must be tired of hearing the comparison but for someone new to The DT’s like me holy shit does she sound like Janis Joplin reincarnated. When I fisrt slapped “Nice ‘n’ Ruff” on the CD player it grapped me from the first second and didn’t let go for 35 incredible minutes.

“Nice ‘n’ Ruff” is the second full-length recording by The DT’s and one consisting of an amazing variety of covers by everybody from Al Green to AC/DC. Things kick off with a kick to the shins on “Crazy ‘Bout You Baby” originally by Sonny Boy Williamson and take off like a jet plane from there with a ripping version of “The Price of Love” originally by The Artistics, “Pagan Baby” by CCR and two delightful surprises for me: “What’s Next to the Moon” by AC/DC and an amazing “Don;t Slander Me” by Roky Ericson. What really impresses me above and beyond the amazing playing and production though is the selection of covers. Aside from “The Hunter” these are all pretty esoteric selections from such a widely divergent group of musicians that they can’t help make every song their own.

The DT’s are one of those bands that you discover every once in awhile that just feel right from the get go. No getting comfortable with their CD over a couple of weeks. It just grabs you by the throat and won’t let you go for the duration. And CDs like that immediately hit heavy rotation on every iPod, car stereo and home system that you own that is capable of pumping out rock and roll. Absolutely first rate, killer rock and roll and an obvious choice for being the band featured on my MySpace “Song of the Week” feature. Cool, cool stuff. And if you want to hear Diana belt out some Janis, they cover “Move Over” as well. Amazing.

Chek out their MySpace page for some music you can listen to: