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Record Review: The Mainliners – s/t (Crusher Records 2007)

mainliners.jpgWhat’s not to like about Sweden? Beautiful women, a great ice hockey tradition and the Swedish massage are just some of the attractions of this Nordic nation. And if your musical knowledge of the country still revolves around ABBA, let me present to you the Mainliners who are taking direct aim at your rock and roll heart.

The Mainliners are an amazing six-piece band who manage to hit all the cornerstones of good rock and roll on their self-titled release for Crusher Records. They combine the swagger of true rock and roll warriors with an eye for melodies that would make most pop tunesmiths blush. There is not one song on this album that is a throwaway. When I first heard Good Storm I literally jumped out of my seat and danced around the house with my headphones on. Sure I might have looked like an idiot but such is the power of the song that to me it is rock and roll personified.

One bad habit I have on first listen to a lot of CDs I get and something that I have forced myself to change is skipping over the ballads or slower-sounding songs always instead looking for that adrenaline inducing fast rock and roll song to get me going. Well I did not do this on Mainliners and man was I richly rewarded. The ballads on this CD are incredible and their power is purely a combination of some perfectly placed touches of organ and orchestration and the amazing vocals of Robert Billing who has a voice that reminds me of none other than Eric Burdon. Listen to Secondary Truth, Running the Streets and especially Bourbon and Ice and luxuriate in the emotive plea that Billing brings to the lyrics. Outstanding stuff.

Do I like this CD? Absolutely! If you are looking for a pure rock and roll B-12 shot straight into your musical veins pick up this CD and enjoy. I think I have to get to Sweden sooner than later. Have a listen to Is This Satsifying..? for a taste of what you can expect or visit their MySpace page for more.