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Record Review: The Morning Stars – You Can’t Change The World (Volume Records 2006)

you-cant-change-the-world.jpgHamilton, Ontario brothers Mars and Michael Ivic, the brains behind The Morning Stars, must have an incredibly diverse set of musical influences judging from a listen to their Volume Records release You Can’t Change the World. Get the CD and have a listen to Hearts for the Living, Wrong and Don’t Waste Time and consider their stylistic differences. From that great Get Your Ya’s Ya’s Out feel to opening track and straight ahead Brtipop-style rocker Hearts for the Living to the cool Beach Boys like sweet but sad power pop gem of Wrong to the early U2 sounding Don’t Waste Time and that great chiming Edge-like guitar, this is a wonderful sound excursion pulling up rock roots from far and wide.

As usual when throwing out comparisons, your mileage may vary but the descriptions are appropriate if not to describe the style of the music than at least to impart on you the quality of the songs on this CD. Wonderful sonic soundscapes, alternating jangling and crunchy guitar and sweet vocal duties shared by both brothers equally throughout make this CD one of those you will savour as time goes by.

I have been listening for a little over a week now and I keep zeroing in on a different song every time. Will it be the slightly funky All Coming Down or the beautiful ballad Fall? Maybe you can’t change the world but for about 40 minutes you can change your world, one song at a time. Great CD.


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