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Record Review: The Orange Peels – “Circling the Sun” (Parasol Records)

Orange_peels The Orange Peels’ third album “Circling the Sun” (scheduled for release June 14, 2005) is a great collection of dreamy California pop, faster hard pop nuggets and chiming Byrds-like folk rock that effortlessly blend together into a satisfying whole. At times they even reminded me of early R.E.M. but overall Allen Clapp, Oed Ronne and Jill Pries have managed to record a wonderfully evocative record that is perfectly timed for the hazy days of summer. Not only is this a great record but there are some cool download goodies for you to check out. You can download the single Something in You as well as a podcast on the making of the record. It’s in two parts and you can download part 1 here and part 2 here. Great stuff.