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Record Review- The Pacific- “Self-titled” (Swinghouse)

“Just do it.” That must be the philosophy of LA band The Pacific as they scorch their trail across the rock and roll landscape. From releasing their own EP to touring incessantly around the States and the UK all done on the “do it yourself dime” to taking advantage of all the latest technological tricks in the books like being featured as one of the 6 featured bands on the hot My, these guys are not waiting for anybody to get in their way of bigger and better things. And judging from their new full-length self-titled debut they should be able to continue their bullet trajectory to rock and roll success with ease. Taking the sound and influence of the Brit-pop sound and especially Oasis at their best and turbo charging it, The Pacific is a record filled with powerful sing-along vocals and a propulsive back-end that powers along some great rock and roll guitar. A fantastic sounding record, The Pacific is a great rock and roll listen that just goes to prove that the tried and true method of incessant touring to build a rock band’s reputation is alive and well in 2005. Catch them in your local club before they make the next step up. To start you out download Keeping Me Around, Color Sound and See to Believe.