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Record Review: The Pigs – “Oink” (Disturbing Music)

Pigscdcov Attention all Cars fans! Forget that sham that is the “new Cars.” I have something that will give you your fair share of quirky, synth soaked power pop fun that will have you pumped up and looking for your skinny ties in the attic. May I present to you “Oink” by The Pigs. The brainchild of Geoff Westen, “Oink” is a total and complete guilty pleasure from beginning to end. At first I was kind of confused until the chorus of “Saturday Night” (click to listen) kicked in and I was looking for the “action man” and from there things kind of morphed from one synth chord to chorus.

Really, setting aside the fact that this album title (and band name for that matter) stink, “Oink” has enough cool studio production tricks and catchy hooks to make you think of The Cars drinking with Devo in a parking lot. Certainly a CD that requires multiple listens and a good sense of playfullness. “Oink” by The Pigs smells like pure pop fun. I like it.

Check out their MySpace site and enjoy.